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Rawdio (full name: Reinout Van Eycken) started to experiment with music in 2005. He listened to a lot of different electronic music genres and got interested in the way music was made. At first he started to make some very basic tracks himself.

"Inspired by the oldschool sound of Deep House in the 90's, i got really into the Deep and Raw side of House music."
Soulful notes added more depth to his tracks. And step by step he achieved what he was looking for in the music he made. This led to a vinyl release on the Belgian label Coincidence Records in 2011. And also an exclusive vinyl release on German houselabel Housewax (Ltd) with his Boulevard EP.

2011 also became the year I started my own label House Cookin' Records. Mainly to support new Belgian talent in the House-scene. Now we represent a great number of Belgian and also international artists like Black Loops, Paul Rudder, Soledrifter, Chocky, ...






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