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Punch. Rhythm. Melody. Speed. Anger. Beauty. A Critical Mass.

In 2014 Primal Creation took its final form. Playing shows in Flanders and writing music, steady and slowly it came to be: Demockracy. This debut album displays all aspects they find to be essential to their take on metal. Whilst retaining the attack and drive of thrash metal, things got spiced up with progressive twists, lingering leads, shredding solos and an occasional unsuspected break. These 9 tracks of modern thrash metal got topped off with authentic angry vocals, laying the wrongs of our world at your feet. At times playfully sarcastic, but mostly straightforward and in-your-face.

Primal Creation consists of five musically persistent young men. With their debut album out and about, they are ready to share it with anyone who wants to hear and see.


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