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Pink Elephantz is the alter ego of Alexander Ceulemans. The project was born early 2011. With a lot of ambition and energy he started mixing bass oriented tunes to show off his passion.

In february 2012 Pink Elephantz won the Kulturama dj-contest on vi.be and by the end of march 2012 he also won the Ockxfest DJ-contest. February 2013 was another big step forward because he won the Untitled! DJ-contest and was allowed to warm-up the crowd on their 6-year anniversary at Trix Antwerp. In 2015 he got the chance to play Jour Tibour festival (Nijlen) after winning the dj-contest.

By time he gained more and more experience. This results in energetic and variated hiphop sets in which other genres might slip in sometimes. A danceable journey of groundshaking basslines and melodies that take you away.


Untitled! (Antwerp), Ockxfest (Hasselt), Springtime festival (Halen), Kulturama invites Borgore (Leuven), Rumba (Leuven), This Is Madness (Nijlen), Impulze (Berlaar), Jour Tibour festival (Nijlen).

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