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Mountains To Move blend emotionally filled clean parts with wall breaking heavier choruses, to which you can bang (or hang) your head. The heartfelt lyrics illustrate the personal struggles and anxieties of an individual lost in a world that spins too fast under his feet. Captivating, yet haunting you to the deepest core of your heart.

"When you meet some youngsters who, seemingly have the best years of their
lives still ahead of them, but already bring you tracks with exact emotional
gravity. Should I praise them for their amazing insight or pet them on the back
and tell them that it all will be ok in the end?" (Bearded Punk)

Played at/with:
Rock Herk 2017
Wallflower (EU - Tour)
Cold Reading (EU - Tour)
Lower Than Atlantis
Young Guns
Deaf Havana
Tigers Jaw
Boston Manor


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