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5 genetically manipulated simian superbabies were destined to be sent back in time and prevent the destruction of their planet 'Zing Ama' but were accidentally teleported to planet 'Earth' were they found eachother and decided to use their powers and unique set of skills to make music. After a secret tour in the middle east under a different name (The American Oil Sheiks) they're ready to thicken the oversupply of bands in the belgian music scene while on the other side of the universe, the important task of saving their home planet, is sadly waiting to be unfulfilled...


'Right behind Nickelback, Morphine Milkshake is the most promising and exciting band since 1995' (Chad Kroeger from Nickelback)

'So proud I'm occasionaly included in making their setlist' (Serge Simonart)

'OMG! Best dressed band evah!!!' (Jani Kazaltzis)


For any questions regarding promo, military tactics and smoking products, please contact our marketing manager: Hannibal Smith


For any questions regarding bookings, oneliners and dental hygiene, please contact our agent: Austin Powers


For any other questions please contact our general Manager: Gert Verhulst


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