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Matt Watts is an American songwriter and performer currently residing in Brussels, Belgium. Since his arrival he has released four critically acclaimed albums, including an album with The Calicos, with various independent labels, toured with many artists including Jim White, Simon Joyner, Marc Ford (The Black Crowes), .. and worked and performed together with Zita Swoon Group on their production 'The Ballad of Erol Klof'. His latest album 'How Different It Was When You Were There' was a collaboration with producer/bassist Nicolas Rombouts and featured many talented Belgian artists such as Eriksson Delcroix and Stef Kamil Carlens. Work has already begun on his next album which is being produced by Stef Kamil Carlens and Nicolas Rombouts.

"Mooie, breekbare.. die klinkt als-of-ie aan trends en tijd is ontsnapt" -HUMO

"Gevoelige songwriter, bijzondere verhalenverteller.. Introvert, donker." -OOR

“Watts, aangespoeld in België, zingt zijn persoonlijke, poëtische teksten met een hoge, fluisterende stem die meteen aan Nick Drake doet denken." -De Standaard (4/5 stars)

"Matt Watts maakt geen muziek voor hipsters. Daar is zijn werk veel te tijdloos en te organisch voor. Maar wie zich graag warmt aan getalenteerde troubadours, koopt met 'Songs From A Window' zeker geen kat in een zak.” -COBRA


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