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Solo Guitar and Chamber Noise
When a bassist solo project is called Marteleur (thumper), can it only hit and rust out? Let us set aside this false image of a blacksmith. He changes his "four strings" for the baritone guitar, an hybrid instrument.
And then start pounding smoothly. Or rather, let Marteleur support its catchy rhythm in loops. Let him set his riffs, build his melodic frame and polish tirelessly electric atmospheres to see rising "Chamber noise" instrumental music.
But do not forget that Marteleur is primarily a bassist. The minimalist atmosphere does not stay long. He use it to assemble its musical elements in long progressions, to build music that fly off and that we will look over the waves.
This second album of Marteleur "My Anvil Is My Tuning Fork" so consistently extends his work as a builder began with "First Blows" in 2007. A laboratory that has as simple utensils a "looper" and "distortion" pedal but where research raises, throughout each piece, new elixirs.


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