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LIGHTHOUSING brings a mixture of sad mellow tones and more uptempo moving tunes. You can listen and relax to our music, you can dance subtly to it and above all, you can have intercourse to it.

LIGHTHOUSING means looking from side to side, replicating a lighthouse. This occurs when one is being spoken to and they are attempting to locate a more interesting person to speak to elsewhere in the room while appearing to be listening to the person they are talking to.

LIGHTHOUSING signifies inserting a flashlight into a body orifice (other than your mouth) so that when you open your mouth, a beacon of light is emitted.

LIGHTHOUSING portrays a lonely lifestyle, wanting to live alone, like living in a lighthouse.



- released first EP: 'INVISUAL' on 20/10/2017 at Zappa

- got to the finals of Maanrock 2017

- played Ancienne Belgique 2017

- was Talent of the Month on vi.be / Indiestyle 2016

- was the 'big surprise' at Ik Zie U Graag 2016

- was a 2015 De Nieuwe Lichting nominee

- was nominated talent of the year by Cutting Edge

- was Cutting Egde Talent of the month

- finalist of T-strijd at Gebouw T

- got selected in 1/2 finals for Sziget Talent Rally, Maanrockrally

- won Mals Vlees 2015 (jury award)

- 'Terrified' selected by Bandit to be on under water mp3s

- played We Are Open 2017


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