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In Da Mix
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Let's start with the most important part of explaining who we are and what we do: That means bragging about our achievements and shoving some positive quotes from Belgian critics down your throat.

Just kidding. We can't and won't do that because we're only just at the beginning of our quest. Instead we will treat you with some positive quotes from our friends & family below. They're in a Flemish middle of nowhere dialect because that's where we're from (Please contact us if you want English translations)

"ja tis nie echt mijn ding" - Simon's mom

"tis al wel manneke" - Uncle Rudy

"ja sorry ma kheb nu echt geen tijd voor die zever" - Biological father Wannes

"wanneer begint ie te zingen?" - Sander's grandpa

"zoude gij nie beter ne keer kijken voor nen echten job?" - Simon's mom

"donde esta la biblioteca?" - Spanish tourist that got lost

To our non-flemish readers: We can assure you that they're all highly encouraging.

The last recommendation there is probably from a friend of our Spanish bass player, Adri. He is our latest addition to the band. Before we met Adri, we came up with a plan to use our band money to finance a trip to Spain, but the main problem there was that we've never had any incomes yet. The best alternative was for Spain to come to us and that plan worked out very well. It came in the form of a fresh bass player: Adri. Lots of respect for this guy, not only because he brings along great self-made tortillas at rehearsal, but also because he moved all the way over here to play in our band.

So now that we're finally a complete four headed creature, we are slowly building up to the next phase in our evolution: Leaving our cave. And exposing ourselves to sunlight, and other parts of the exterior world.

While we're preparing for that, you can take a sneak peek at 3 demo songs here. Enjoy.

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