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Kijumba, new kid on the block! Despite his young age, Jannick (19) has already achieved a thrustworthy profile, both as dj and producer. Highly inspired by the seasoned sounds of Chicago, Detroit & TR-909, he was drawn towards the studio, creating his own dark yet melodic tracks. A passion level that easily crosses 100% describes Kijumba in the best possible way. He spend the last year like a madman in his home studio. This disembowelling did not go unnoticed with a forthcoming release on Forestwalker records later this year, not coincidentally shortly after being invited (and inspired) by De Sluwe Vos to his studio in Amsterdam.

The word has spread, and so Kijumba has been travelling a lot the last year, hence the spots he earned on the bills of parties & clubs such as Café d'Anvers, Forty Five, Daydream Festival & The Woods!

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    0486 660 224 / 0495 60 37 52