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JUϟIC born "Jonathan" is a Belgian deejay. He's here for one thing and one thing only: share his passion for techno & tek-house, music with as much people as possible.

As a deejay, he's known for bringing very uplifting house-sets using his creative mixing skills, flowing on-the-go mash-ups and an energetic presence behind the decks.

As a Techno music Lover he touched all the aspects of the culture but he is more attracted by the art of DJ’ing.

He started his passion for this culture in begin 2000... but in the style called "House & Electro-house".

After many try-outs at home & friends he decided to send his tapes to party organization

The reactions came immediately and at his 18year he received the opportune to prove his Dj-skills at different parties and clubs, with success!

Around the year 2015 he decided to turn off the "House" music channel and switched to “Techno” music.

This music style gives him fast the DJ-ing feelings back and is now trying to share at best his passion with as much party-animals as possible.

Feel free to follow and support him in his DJ-renaissance.

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