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Jungleproof was formed in 2014 by Ronald Stassen (guitar/vocals/composer) who gathered his friends Bart Geyskens (drums) and Brent Thoelen (guitar/vocals) to join his crew on a mission to play skapunk in the South of Limburg, Belgium.

Jeff Vandeweyer (bass) rised from the digital world along with “Mr. Tromboner” Marnik Meuwissen (Trombone ) and Gijs Ramakers (Altsax/vocals) to make the band complete. The unique combination of fast punkrock, ska and horns make the crowd wanna skank and start a pit at the same time.

Unfortunately drummer Bart Geyskens departed the band due to an arm injury. Kris Vandeweyer was their savior to help them out with some shows. Dries Wyers became their permanent drummer on the 1st of Januari 2017. February 2017 will be their first show after a few months of songwriting. Their new songs will make you ‘dance the night away’!

After recording their EP ‘Make up your mind’ at the Penthouse Studio with Filip de Bot, shows kept coming and they shared (and will soon share) the stage with (inter)national bands: Counting Coins (UK), Weekend Dads (CA), Roughneck Riot (UK), The Peasants (USA), Plush Fish (Ru), For I Am, Steele Justice, NØFX, Altitude, The Octopussys and many more.

When you listen to them, you will definitely hear inspiration of good old 90's bands such as Nofx, Less than Jake, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Suicide Machines, Rancid, Reel big fish, Slapstick,... So get ready for a party and put on your dancing shoes!

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