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Jacle Bow got their first break when in early 2015, the band was drafted out of a selection of several hundreds of bands to compete in Belgian radio Studio Brussels’ alternative music concours ‘De Nieuwe Lichting’ (The New Generation). After several selection rounds, Jacle Bow made it into the Final 8, nearly missing out on the top 3 spot but with a massive new following on their tails.

After the success of ‘De Nieuwe Lichting’ (The New Generation)’, Jacle Bow concocted a plan to invade America, the same way their idols, The Beatles and Stones, did 50 years ago. Full of joie du vivre and spirited pop tunes reminiscent of early Beatles, Springsteen, and Bowie, the foursome undertook a sort of vision quest cleverly disguised as a debauched rock 'n roll tour.

With guts and vista, Jacle Bow booked themselves into 20 American venues, to be played in no more than 22 days. Big venues as the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and the Star Theater in Portland gave them their first break and during the sessions in Portland, they hooked up with The Eels bass player Allen Hunter who agreed to play contrabass in what would become their breakthrough single ‘Suit Yourself’.

Jacle Bow joined up with a music and video producer to chronicle their underground conquest of America, which resulted in the music documentary ‘Play For That Money Boys’. The documentary was broadcasted at the the Swedish Music & Film Festival ‘Live At Heart’ and on the Belgian TV Channel ‘Acht’ to great acclaim.

In October 2015 Jacle Bow signed a worldwide record deal with major label Warner Music. They subsequently released their first single ‘Suit Yourself’, for which they again cooperated with producer Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger). With a radio anthem fresh under their belt, Jacle Bow arranged a sequence of concerts which saw them play more than 25 venues, gradually grinding out a devote fan base.

In september 2016, Jacle Bow will record their yet untitled debut album, with a release slated in January 2017. Jacle Bow’s debut will be produced by Mario Goossens (who plays drums in the rockband Triggerfinger and is one of the architects of a very successful Belgian rock wave).


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