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Singer/songwriter from Peer and student in Antwerp.

After making several covers on social media and playing in a band for years I decided that it was time to write and create my own music. I started In October 2016, went to the studio in February and released White Shirts in May and Hollow and Misplaced in June 2017.

Whenever I play live I play my songs acoustic which gives me a different kind of joy. The pianist adds a vulnerable touch to the songs and gives them more personality, of her own.

- Selectie Limbomania 2017

- Muziekbank:
Finalist nr 2 waar we naar uitkijken tijdens Dranouter Festival op ons Muziekbank Buskerpodium is ILA. Haar stem doet denken aan Lara Chedraoui van Intergalactic Lovers terwijl we muzikaal ook wat flarden courtney barnett meenden te bespeuren. Mooie referenties waar de jury met de ogen dicht graag inliep.


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