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Armed with a tambourine, footstomp, weeping guitar and a voice like a spirit escaped from the cottonfields, Eli pours out his soul to an audience that’s often pinned to the spot by the striking sounds he produces.

The secret recipe for Eli’s compositions may well come from his father’s record collection, which he once found in the attic. Rootsy elements from the 60’s and 70’s affect Eli when writing his music.

With producer David Poltrock on Eli's side, several songs and bodyodors were immortalized in the studio. Greg Gordon (USA) did his magic and dragged the recordings through his epic faders. Eli's single "How Bout A Little Love" lasted ten weeks on Radio 2's playlist with regular passages on Radio 1. The new single "When all hell breaks loose" also ended up in the playlist of Radio 1. End of 2017, a full album will be released. Meanwhile he played support for Frances, Hooverphonic, Bent Van Looy and Tom Helsen. He was a headliner at the Brussels Jazz Weekend and played on several festivals in Belgium.

Since October 2017 Eli Goffa has been included by Het Depot (Leuven) as Artist In Residence.

At this moment (Jan 2018) "How Bout A little Love" is added to the playlists of NPO radio1 and NPO radio 5 in The Netherlands.


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