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CarmaMuse, based in Antwerp (Belgium), was founded in 2012 by pianist Carmen. At first a very personal project consisting of just piano and vocals, it quickly grew into a new composition, completed with violin and other experimental electronic sounds. CarmaMuse brings you songs that tell a story, performed by the powerful yet fragile voice of singer Tineke, all immersed in a melancholy/cinematic atmosphere. The group joins together soul, jazz, pop and classical music into a melodic synergy, thereby strongly influenced by film music. The playlist of CarmaMuse consists mainly of own material, complemented with cover songs that have been given a wholly new interpretation. In addition to various performances in popular music bars and local festivals, CarmaMuse has performed live at the festival "Suikerrock" in 2017 in Tienen (Belgium) and on television in “Wakker op Zondag” on ATV (Antwerp Television) in 2012 .


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    +32 486 95 34 25

    Gaspar Verreyckenstraat 45 - 2660 Hoboken