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Angakok is a minimalistic, loud and chaotic Doom/Sludge trio from Belgium. Their fat, agressive sound and singing leads you through a rough ride between dark and shamanic places.


☻One track is release on R.A.I.G.(Ru) "Dirgenera Compendium" compilation.

☻3 tracks demo recorded in Liège (2012) by Jecore.

☻Serie of shows in Liège area and share stages with bands such as: Altar Of Plagues, Fuck the Facts, Sofy Major, Monarch, Deep In Hate,...

☻"The Angakok" (1st demo's track) is released on Pavillon 666 (webzine - Fr) "Revelation Underground" compilation#18 (2013).

☻Main stage @ Fiesta du Rock 2013 (Flémalle - Be 22/6).

☻LOUD Festival by Court-Circuit @ Le Botanique (Final showcase 14/12/2013)

☻New serie of shows in Belgium with bands such as: Zatokrev, Galvano, Promethee, Suma, Pyramido, Noothgrush, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, The Great Old Ones, LOUD Tour by Court-Circuit,...(2014)

☻"Collapsing The Truth" is released on Belgian Metal Inc's first compilation (04/2014)

☻First album, Angakok, released the 17 May 2015


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