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Due to impeccable taste, an exquisite feel for aesthetics and having the advantage of being a generally well-rounded human being, you have found:

Al di Miseria.

Congratulations! Hooray! Hooza!

Five women, one man. There's music involved. Somewhat different, somewhat odd - or so I myself have been told - and somewhat somewhat, why not.

We had: A show with a rabbit, a stage with TV-screens. We won: some things and others, we: Lost. All finished, all ended, tears of sorrow; time's seldom kind.

But, quit your sobbing: there's new things brewing, there's something afoot. There's sounds bein' scrambled, unscrambled, stretched and branded, basically: let's do it again, let's do something new.

Cause not all music should have to be the same commercial shite.

Al di Miseria's Somewhat of an opera: coming to you soon.


The old:

Theater Aan Zee, Jong Muziek (2014), Winner 'Cirque Constance Roadshow' (2014), Finalist 'SuperNova - The Future Sound of Classical Music’ (2014), Finalist 'Maanrockrally' (2014), Finalist 'Oost!Best' (2013), 'De Nieuwe Lichting' Stubru (2013), Winner public prize 'Jonge Wolven' (2013).

The new: (2016):
SOAo: Somewhat of an Opera ; new music


What they said;

"Hun klassiek op een prikkeldraad van pop blaast je van je sokken”- demoeial.be

"Veruit de origineelste en meest verrassende band; zette publiek en jury redelijk voor schut” - Jury Jonge Wolven

"De band vindt het perfecte evenwicht tussen aantrekken en afstoten. Sterke, afgewerkte show met een verhaal en humor." - Jury Oost.best!



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